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A medium-class room is mostly made for two people, although some of them can be able to hold up four or more. You will find middle-class types of accommodation at most full-service hotels, but not in facilities that accommodate only long stay or high profile guests. This type of accommodation is ideal for guests that do not intend to stay for long especially travelers or tourists on transit.The middle-class accommodation is a designation that has basic services that are offered by luxury hotels or individual property. They range from deluxe rooms, junior suites, bed spaces, etc. Arthur Winn is an authoritative voice when it comes to different aspects of real estate. The following are some the features of the middle-class accommodations:



The bathroom in a middle-class accommodation setting is usually fitted with one shower and a bathtub, sink, and toilet. The bathroom is mostly located near at one of the room corners and offset the beds. You will also find towels, plastic cups, assorted soaps, hair dryers, body lotions and shampoo.


In middle-class hotel rooms meant for couples, you will find one king size bed. In others, you will find two small size beds placed a few meters apart. In others, bed sharing is allowed especially for families with kids or groups on a budget.

Storage and furniture

A typical middle-class hotel room will contain at least seven different pieces of furniture designed for various types of travelers or tourists including two tables by the bedside, one armchair and an office chair and a desk. Some rooms have assorted lamps and an ironing board as well. This types of rooms have very limited storing space. A middle sized closet or dresser may be placed near the door.

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